Getting started

  • How does it work?

    Getting a Meyash subscription is very simple, navigate here to select your plan, checkout and we’ll ship our carefully designed socks to you or your friend monthly. You can cancel your subscription(s) anytime.

  • Can I gift a Meyash subscription to a friend?

    Absolutely. You can offer a Meyash subscription to your friends and loved ones as a gift. You also have the option to write a personalized note that we will ship with your gift.

  • Can I buy and/or gift multiple subscriptions?

    Of course. Just subscribe for one at a time. After you checkout just repeat the process. You'll be pleased to know that all your information will be saved which will allow for a very quick checkout. If your gifting, don't forget to update the shipping address each time.

  • How many pairs of socks are included in each shipment?

    Currently we offer the option for you to have 1 or 2 pairs of socks included in each shipment. If you'd like to have the number of socks shipped changed, please email us at support@meyash.co.


  • What size are the socks?

    Our socks fit most men with shoe sizes ranging from men’s US 7 - 12 / UK 6.5 - 11.5 / EUR 40 - 45 as they are super stretchy.

  • What is the socks composition?

    Our socks are made out of the finest combed cotton. The combed cotton is a natural fibre which is more delicate and less resistant than synthetic fibres. Therefore we blend it with polyamide because we want your socks to last longer and your feet warm and resistant to all the challenges you may face in your daily life. The elastane will give the socks the elasticity they need to fit US 7 - 12 / UK 6.5 - 11.5 / EUR 40 - 45 feet.

  • Can I choose the design? What kind of socks can I expect to receive?

    Every month our design team judiciously chooses a distinctive style that will be sent out to you. We aim to surprise you with unique patterns that will give you the finest look in any occasion you find yourself in, whether you're wearing a nice pair of jeans or a business suit. Visit us on social media to get a better sense of our looks.

  • What if I don’t like the socks you have chosen on a particular month?

    We are certain that you’ll love our socks however, if for some reason you really do not like the pair we specifically chose, simply send them back to us and we will swap them with another pair for free. When returning goods to us, all we ask is that you send them back in the original condition and in their original package. Damaged or used goods will not qualify for an exchange due to loss of value. You will have 30 days since the date of purchase to return them to us to be eligible for an exchange.

  • What if I buy one pair for me and another one to a friend. Will we get the same design?

    If you buy both subscriptions with your login we will try and make sure each one of you gets different matching styles.

  • Do you offer women products?

    Sorry ladies, we currently only offer men socks although we are sure that one of the men in your life (boyfriend, father, brother, etc) could use some Meyash.

Giving Back

  • How does your "Buy One, Give One" program work?

    We are committed to supporting the homeless community and to bring awareness to this problem of socks being one of the most requested items in shelters across the country and amongst the least-often donated. This issue is the driving force behind our model of giving a pair for free to a selected organizations for every pair you purchase. You can read more about our mission here.

  • Which organizations do you currently support?

    We are in contact with several Portuguese homeless shelters and in the process of partnering with at least one of them to receive a package of 'give-one' pairs at the end of every quarter. As our business grows, we will be able to give more pair, more frequently. Our goal is to be able to impact shelters and homeless in need in our country, in a sustainable way.

  • How can my organization be supported by Meyash? How can I help?

    We would love to support an organization that you work with or are passionate about. We are currently accepting applications from organizations based in Portugal. Just email us at info@meyash.co or fill out our contact form in the contact page and we will be in touch shortly. In the meantime, there are a number of ways you can get involved. Purchase a subscription, tell your friends, family and colleagues about Meyash on your social networks or let us know if you find any other organizations that could need our help. We’d love to hear from you.


  • What's your return policy?

    We are happy to accept the return of any unworn product that is defective, damaged during shipping. Please send us an email at support@meyash.co explaining why the sock is defective, including a photo of the defect so that we can send you a replacement pair of socks (we reserve the right to replace them with different socks at our sole discretion).

    We are also happy to refund the cost of any order made in error, as long as we haven’t already shipped your socks. For example, if you accidentally order two subscriptions and only wanted one, we’re happy to cancel the second subscription and refund your money. If we’ve already shipped the socks for the second subscription, we’ll cancel any future socks for the canceled subscription but cannot refund the cost of the socks that have already shipped.


  • How much is for shipping cost?

    At the moment we are offering free shipping.

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship worldwide.

  • What should I expect from international orders?

    We ship your package according to Incoterm Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), which means that orders to countries outside Portugal may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes, and we cannot predict what your particular charges may be. You can contact your local customs office for more information.

  • When will I get my socks?

    We do our very best to ensure that you receive your socks as fast as possible. Delivery times may be longer during holidays. For standard shipping within Europe you should receive your order within 5 business days. For international orders it should take 7 business days. If you have any concerns please feel free to email us at support@meyash.co.

  • Where do you ship from and on what dates do you ship?

    We’re headquartered in Porto, Portugal and handle all of our shipments personally. Your 1st order will be shipped within 2 business days of it being made. Recurring shipments will be shipped within the first 5 business days of the anniversary of your subscription.

  • Do you need urgent delivery?

    Email us at info@meyash.co with "URGENCY" in the subject title. Please describe when and where you need the package delivered. We will reply as soon as possible with the express shipping fees. Upon your approval, we will process your order.

  • What if I have not yet received my package?

    Contact us at support@meyash.co ASAP if your package is missing and we will be happy to help.


  • How do I update my shipping address and/or billing address?

    To update your information, please login to your personal account area.

  • How do I cancel my service?

    If you wish to cancel your Meyash subscription, please login to your personal account area, once there you can edit your subscription. You can also send us an email at support@meyash.co and we will take care of it.

  • Are there penalties for cancelling?

    There are no penalties or hidden costs for cancelling. If you pay month to month (meaning you didn’t prepay for a specific duration) you can cancel anytime. If you’ve already been charged for the month, we will stop your plan starting the next month. However, if you have already prepaid (paid upfront for 3, 6, 12 months) unfortunately we cannot stop the service since it's already been paid and processed.


  • What payment methods do you accept?

    At this time we accept PayPal and credit cards checkout (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). We do not accept cash, personal checks or money orders.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    No. All prices quoted on this site are listed in Euros and all packages will be billed as such.

    Accordingly, your bank, credit card company, or other financial institution may charge you a certain transaction fee(s) related to currency conversion and such fee(s) may appear as one singular charge along with your monthly membership fee. Please note that we have no control over such fees, and thus, we shall not be responsible for, and hereby expressly disclaim responsibility for, any such transaction fees.

    Please note that import duties, customs charges, and related taxes and fees are not included in the price or shipping costs, and any such duties, charges, taxes, and/or fees are of your responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional charges may be in advance of your purchase.

  • When am I charged?

    The first membership fee is charged right after you press the Submit Order on the Secure Checkout page. Every renewal after that will be charged on the anniversary of your subscription.

    Eg: you subscribe on the 5th day of the month, you'll be charged on the 5th of the following months.

    For prepay susbcriptions the anniversary will be every 3, 6 or 12 months, according to the subscription duration.

  • If I go with the monthly option will I be charged each month, or is it a one-time thing?

    You’ll be subscribed and billed each month. You can cancel at any time.

  • Are my payments secure?

    You can rest easy knowing that your personal information is completely secure. All transactions are conducted over bank-grade SSL connections and we are fully PCI Level-1 Compliant.


  • Will you provide my email address to other companies?

    Your email address will NOT be provided to any 3rd party companies.

  • Does the site protect the membership information I provide?

    Yes. We use the latest encryption technology to fully protect your privacy and any information you provide, including credit card number, name and address, and any personal data. We collect only the information you choose to provide and we never make that information available to any third parties interested in contacting you without your consent. Any information you share with us will be used solely to service your membership.


  • I own a clothing shop and I love Meyash. Can I sell your socks?

    Please send us an email to info@meyash.co if you're interested in developing a retail relationship.