Press Release

"A new monthly sock subscription service providing high quality designer
socks to your doorstep every month."

PORTO, PORTUGAL - Meyash is a new sock subscription service dedicated to celebrating the way you dress up your feet, with a social twist. Its members receive regular deliveries of fresh, well-designed, high-quality socks in their postbox every month and for every pair they buy, Meyash donates another quality pair to someone in need.

Based in Porto, to take advantage of the sophisticated textile known-how of the region, Meyash uses integrated web-based software technology allowing it to pass low prices for its consumers. “Just like a newspaper or a magazine, with Meyash you receive your package directly through your letterbox on autopilot every month”, says Manuel Guedes de Oliveira, one of the three founders. “You no longer have to be actively involved wasting time looking for chic socks in fashion stores or flea markets – we will take care of everything for you.”

It offers packages of high quality well designed alternatives to the plain black socks making it easy for men to refresh their sock drawer. “While continuing to change the traditional views of what socks should look like and represent, we aim to create products that can help you build up a confident attitude and distinctive style. All of our socks are manufactured from 80% durable combed cotton to ensure that desired cozy feel and feature an exclusive design that will add a subtle quirky touch of slickness to your everyday style, appropriate for any occasion you find yourself in” added Marcos Fonseca, founder responsible for shaping the design aesthetic and operations.

“It’s a new approach to men’s basics, showing that it’s possible to combine the ease and efficiency of an e-commerce subscription model with fashion sense and social responsibility”, says Jose Massada, the founder responsible for technology and operations. “You can just select how many new pairs and how often you want to receive them and our stylists will take care of the rest”. The company also provides the option to offer subscriptions as a gift (the subscription will even include a handwritten note) for 3, 6 or 12 months and there are also corporate gift sock boxes for those planning to gift their employees.

Meyash is also committed to supporting the homeless community by bringing awareness to the problem of socks being one of the most requested items in shelters across the country and amongst the least often donated. “It’s rare when donating to think about underwear, as we are normally used to donating food or jeans, shirts or jackets. This need is the driving force behind the model of giving another pair for free to a partner organization for every pair our clients purchase” they say. The company has recently announced that is teaming up with Associação dos Albergues Nocturnos do Porto (AANP), a homeless shelter association that will allow them to receive an equal number of 'give-one' pairs at the end of every quarter. “As our business grows, we will be able to give more pairs, more frequently. Our goal is to be able to effectively support home shelters in our home country, in a sustainable way”.

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